Retreats & Workshops

The Zendo sponsors or arranges retreats with teachers of various traditions. All teachers are expected to abide by the Morgan Bay Zendo Code of Ethics. Retreats are open to everyone. Vegetarian meals are served. The Zendo is closed to visitors during retreats except for regularly scheduled weekly meditation. 

Scholarships: Most of our events and retreats are by donation. Where there is a charge, scholarship assistance is available. We encourage you to ask for assistance if you need it.

Housing: During the retreat or the days before or after, overnight accommodations are available at MBZ and at several Airbnb locations in the neighborhood. Please inquire for details.

Personal Retreats: Occasionally practitioners have stayed in one of the cabins for a personal retreat of one or more weeks. Please inquire for details. 

Tea House Zen Retreats
Led by Nancy Hathaway

Please email for more information.
Tea House Zen Retreat: May 2, 5 pm - May 5, 9 am
Women's Retreat with Pat Smith:  June 1
Tea House Zen Retreat - Aug 2-4

Introduction to Zen
Sunday, May 5, 1-3 pm

Led by Hugh Curran

This introductory session will offer instruction in Zen meditation with an emphasis on posture and breathing as well as other preliminary methods that include slow walking exercises from the Zen and Chan tradition. This introduction will be helpful not only for those with a background in Zen but also for those with limited sitting experience. Discussion will also take place with Q & A. Contact

Zen DownEast Retreats 

Led by Diane Shoshin Fitzgerald 

Please email for more information about the retreats including the schedule, accommodations, and cost. Also see the Zen DownEast website for more information.

7-day Retreat: Sun, June 9 - Sat, June 15, 2024 

3-day Retreat: Thurs-Sun, Sept 12-15, 2024

3-day Retreat: Thurs-Sun, Oct 17-20, 2024

1-day Retreat for Rohatsu: Sun, Dec 8, 2024 (9am-5pm)

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