Nancy Hathaway

Nancy Hathaway, M.Ed., LpastC, is a Senior Dharma Teacher in the Kwan Um School of Zen. She began practicing meditation at Kopan, a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Nepal in 1974. For six years she lived in a lay monastic Zen temple where her two sons were born and raised in their early years. She has been teaching meditation for 34 years and has been a Senior Dharma Teacher for 30. She has been on the Board of Directors of the Kwan Um School of Zen, Providence Zen Center, Cambridge Zen Center and presently the Morgan Bay Zendo. She founded the Kwan Um School of Zen’s Bath Zen Group in 1978. She was also president of The Single Flower Sangha at the Cambridge Buddhist Association.

Her livelihood is offering Mindfulness programs. She founded the programs, 'Being Present with Our Children' in Cambridge, MA, and the "Center for Studying Mindfulness' on the Blue Hill Peninsula and Portland, Maine, offering 8-week Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) classes, workshops, retreats. She teaches as an adjunct at Colby College and University of Southern Maine. She leads workshops at Maine Medical Center, University of Southern Maine’s Professional Development Program, Maine General Hospital and Blue Hill Hospital and has offered workshops throughout New England in such places as Harvard’s Work and Family Center at Harvard University, MIT, Brandeis, Holy Cross, Harvard Vanguard. She is a State of Maine licensed clinical counselor with a private counseling/consulting practice for families, couples, and individuals interested in exploring mindfulness in everyday life with offices in Portland, Waterville, and on the Blue Hill Peninsula. She is an author including an essay about raising her two sons, “I’m Breathing, Are You?” published in three anthologies by Shambhala Publications including 'Best Buddhist Writing 2006'.  She can be reached at (207-400-0494).