About MBZ

The Morgan Bay Zendo offers an opportunity for people to practice Buddhist meditation whatever their background or faith may be, as a way of developing the mind so that it may be awakened to its own inherent wisdom and compassion. The Zendo offers weekly meditation periods, retreats, and other events April-December. Please refer to the calendar for more information. The meditation practice includes elements from Zen, Ch'an and Vipassana schools of Buddhism.

A non-profit corporation, the Zendo's activities are managed by the Zendo Sangha and Board. Formerly known as Moonspring Hermitage, it was founded by Walter Nowick in 1971. When he stopped teaching in 1985, the center was renamed and reincorporated as the Morgan Bay Zendo. 

The Zendo is located in the coastal town of Surry, Maine. In addition to the meditation hall, there is a central building housing a meeting hall, kitchen, apartment, showers, and toilets. Four small cabins and a field for tent camping are located within a short distance of the main buildings and provide sleeping accommodations during retreats. A pond, moss garden, field, and extensive woods complement the facilities. Improvements are ongoing and are undertaken largely by volunteers.

Board of Trustees

  • Hugh Curran, Vice President
  • Susan Guilford, President
  • Nancy Hathaway, Director-at-large
  • Monica McAndrews, Treasurer
  • Dana Polojärvi, Secretary



The Morgan Bay Zendo 
532 Morgan Bay Road 
Surry, Maine 04684 

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