Hugh Curran

Hugh Curran was a student of Hakuin Yasutani Roshi for two years and continued his studies with Philip Kapleau Roshi where he became the head monastic at the Rochester Zen Center from 1967-1972. He accompanied Philip Kapleau for a three-month pilgrimage to religious centers in India and Japan and after moving to Maine, became a student of Walter Nowick at Moon Spring Hermitage. He became a founding member of the Morgan Bay Zendo where he is on the Board of Directors and guides retreats. He has also studied with Master Sheng Yen and Ruben Habito. From 1997 to 2002 he was the Director of a homeless shelter in Downeast Maine and has published a number of articles on homelessness and peace issues.  Hugh presently teaches courses on "Ecology & Spirituality", "Buddhism & Contemplative Traditions", and "Early Celtic Spirituality" in the Peace Studies Program at the University of Maine. He can be reached at 207-667-7170.